Glock 23/32 357 Conversion, Standard Length

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The Glock 23/32 357 Conversion, Standard Length Barrel offers firearm enthusiasts a high-quality solution for converting a 40S&W to 357Sig in their Gen 1-4 models. Crafted by EFK Fire Dragon, known for producing some of the finest pistol barrels globally, this threaded barrel exemplifies precision and durability.

Utilizing premium type 416 Stainless Steel, the manufacturing process is meticulously carried out with CNC equipment to ensure close-tolerance production. Heat treating in a vacuum furnace results in a consistent hardness of 40-42Rc, guaranteeing the barrel's longevity and reliable performance.

Not only does this barrel deliver aesthetically appealing design, but it also provides consistent and accurate shooting results. EFK Fire Dragon prioritizes customer satisfaction by engaging with buyers personally, reflecting a commitment to excellence in all their products.

Each threaded barrel comes equipped with a thread protector, adding to the convenience and value of this conversion accessory. It is essential to note that the industry recommends firing 150 rounds for barrel break-in before attaching any devices.

For those looking to convert from 40S&W to 357Sig or 9mm, this Glock barrel offers a dependable solution. It is crucial to follow the guidelines provided, ensuring optimal performance when converting calibers. When converting to 9mm from 40S&W, using a 9mm mag is advised for the best results.

Enhance your shooting experience with the Glock 23/32 357 Conversion Barrel, designed to meet the demands of discerning firearm enthusiasts seeking precision, durability, and versatility in their firearms.

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