EFK Fire Dragon is one of the largest manufacturers of recoil reduction systems. Our hands-on approach to design, research and development, and testing enables us to put the ultimate recoil reduction system on the market for you. 


Our goal has never changed: design the best products using today's most advanced materials and offer them at the best price, all backed by the one of industry's best warranties.

We manufacture and sell devices that limit the degree of recoil from the discharge of powerful handguns. 

A dual-action spring system fits inside the handgun in place of the factory-supplied spring. This frame-saving dual-action spring system can easily pay for itself many times over by protecting your pistol from heavy recoil and stress-induced cracks in the frame. Recoil transferred to the shooter is also reduced, making you more comfortable and more relaxed, shot after shot.

EFK Fire Dragon also manufactures ported compensators that fit on the end of the barrel and allow the release of gases through a precisely engineered porting system. The effect is to limit the gun's vertical movement during recoil. Faster target acquisition and second shots (and follow-up shots) are made possible by these compensators. Products are being made for most gun models including Colt, Glock, Beretta, Taurus, Tangfolio, Smith & Wesson, Remington, Springfield, Norinco, Lama, Ruger, Auto-Ordinance, A.M.T., Para Ordinance, Sigma, and Sig Sauer.

Recoil transferred to the shooter is also reduced, making you more comfortable and more relaxed, shot after shot. 

Each barrel is machined using state-of-the-art CNC machines, offering the highest close tolerance of any barrel available today. 

Our barrels are some of the finest pistol barrels you can buy, carefully manufactured from 416 stainless steel blanks. Each barrel is heat treated in a vacuum furnace for clean and consistent Rockwell hardness of 40-43. The durability of our barrels is unsurpassed.


Simply put, we offer you the best pistol barrel you can buy. 

EFK Fire Dragon produces both ported and standard barrels for your particular application and need. We manufacture models to fit every major brand of firearms (and then some!). We also manufacture Glock replacement stainless steel guide rods to replace the factory plastic guide rod found on Glock pistols.

All of our products are proudly made and manufactured entirely within the United States.

EFK Fire Dragon Company Profile

During the last decade, EFK Fire Dragon has brought on engineers, designers, and sales representatives from top companies in recoil reduction systems. With this wealth of knowledge and experience, we have put together the ultimate recoil reduction system you can buy. Our products are available around the world, offering the finest recoil-reduction accessories for the world's best pistols. We offer one of the best warranties in the industry, with a lifetime warranty on every product we sell. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. If you are looking for some of the finest accessories you can buy for your pistol, backed by one of the best companies in the market, look no further than EFK Fire Dragon. On behalf of everyone at EFK Fire Dragon, thank you for your time in reviewing the product line.