Beretta/Taurus 357 Sig Conversion from a 40S&W, Standard Length

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Brand Compatibility:
Model Compatibility:
96, M9, M9A1, 92, 92A1, 92S, 92F, 92FS, 92G, 92D, 92DS, Brigadier, Elite, Vertec, 90-TWO PT100, PT101

This is a conversion barrel from 40S&W to 9mm

EFK Fire Dragon Threaded Barrels
Because of the care exercised in manufacturing and our refusal to compromise on any step of the process.

  • We use the finest material available (type 416 Stainless Steel)
  • Machining processes are accomplished on CNC equipment for close-tolerance production.
  • Heat treating is done in a vacuum furnace for clean, consistent hardness of 40-42Rc

The end result is a good-looking, top-quality barrel with consistent, accurate and long-lasting performance. And don't forget the service. We deal with our customers on a personal level to ensure their complete satisfaction on all of our products.

Threading is available and will extend the length of the barrel about 1/2". All threading barrels come with a thread protector. Choosing the threading option makes the barrel a "Special Order" item - please allow 30 - 90 days to fill your order. If the order is going to go over 90 days, Fire Dragon will contact you with a new ETA.

Industry standard is 150 rounds to break in a barrel before threading any device on to the barrel.

***When a barrel contains the word "conversion", it means these barrels work only in 40S&W and .357 converting to 9mm.

You cannot go from a 9mm to a 40S&W or 357Sig

For best results converting to 9mm from 40 S&W use a 9mm mag.


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